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Maresa Sumardi (indomaresa) wrote:
.... probably isn't a battle-hardened internet veteran.
Speaking as a battle hardened internet veteran (Peter holding keyboard while pulling Incredible Hulk pose number 1 - aaaarrrrgh!!!!) I just want to point out that we are all here for our self indulgent pleasure be that delivering our own opinions, reading that of others or both.

If it stops being fun or other things become more important we leave. I suspect our latest casualty was just ready to be annoyed and will either eventually return or not. I enjoyed his posts with the exception of the poetry (no offence but I really am pretty picky) but I sure am not learning Aikido from him or from anyone here for that matter. There's a place for that and its not on the internet.

So I will not ask him back but probably will be happy to see him return.

Do any of the Aikido-L veterans remember Mike B. and of course Dennis H.. There was always a huge fuss on leaving but they kept showing up sooner or later.

Note 1. The above two members are not comparable but the pattern of going and returning was the same.

Note 2. The internet is a great foil for the ideas presented to you by your real teachers so in a way you do learn.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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