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What's the point of writing in a forum if you expect everyone to agree with you? I use this forum selfishly: - I write opinions hoping that someone with more insight than me will correct me, and thus I can learn. Luckily this has happened many times.

Another benefit is that there is no hierarchy in this forum. I'm constantly impressed by the insightful thoughts of beginners.

Although there are some individuals who can be offensive, there is a way to remove their comments from your own view on aikiweb (though to me, that is not beneficial - its better to face harsh criticism and be aware of it, than to pretend it doesn't exist). Yeh, there are stupid arguments from uninformed people - but who cares, you don't have answer back?

I have found this forum an exceptional resource and am thankful even for the more hurtful comments (Ron);-). Long live freedom (and ease) of speech on aikiweb.


---understanding aikido is understanding the training method---
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