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Paul Sanderson-Cimino
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I agree, the incident was unfortuante. However, I see worth to this forum without Furuya-sensei posting - although I also greatly appreciate his input. He still writes his articles (maybe he will have more time for those now) and is still kind enough to reply to emails.

That said, don't start pointing the finger at 'trolls', though I'm sure they exist. That will provoke another argument, this one, absurdly enough, about how they disrupt things. It seems destined to lead to futile conflict.

Please, everyone, let's take this latest incident in an aiki spirit; as Leonard-sensei wrote, "Taking the hit as a gift". Use it to remind you to respond harmoniously to even challenging posts. Not that you shouldn't disagree, but do so without letting yourself get pulled into what is essentially a personal bickering match. Before you post that brilliant, scathing reply you've labored over, wonder if maybe you shouldn't just delete it and leave it as a silent exercise in venting aggression, before writing a more appropriate response that will have a useful impact and either neutralize the aggression of others, or give them a chance to enter into the conversation legitimately.

My 2 cents.
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