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Kelly Allen
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This Forum Just Lost Credability it had Left.

I registered on these forums more than a year ago thinking it would be a good way to discuss Aikido with other Aikidoka. After about a month of posts I disovered that a few trolls in this forum made it quite unpleasent to continue posting. Thus I started only to use the Journal to obtain Aikido insights and left the forums to the trolls. Occasionally I would read the odd forum thread out of boredom and happened upon some posts from Furuya sensei which were so insightful I began to regularly read the forums again. Now I see the same trolls that caused me to stop posting and reading the forums a year ago has pushed Furuya Sensei off the forums as well.

I Quote Furuya Sensei

"My intention in coming into this website was to share some little bits of information. But as you can see, this did not work out very well and so many people are so offended. I guess I am surprised and shocked at how hurtful people can be, especially in the name of Aikido. Even with Aikido, I see that people have not changed much. My intention was only to share my experiences and knowledge and that is all. Anyways, and I really don't know why, my intentions have been misunderstand and there doesn't seem much I can do about this so this is my last imput here. Just a few of you have been very nice to me and to those people I would like to express my thanks. Anyways, best wishes to all,"

Loseing my posts was no big loss, but losing Furuya senseis, wisdom, insight, experience, and his wonderful ability to put them into words is a dear loss to this forum. I shake my head in disgust at the behaviour that has caused this to happen.
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