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Re: Overcoming aggressive attack without superior strength

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Funny how things just happen. Today I was getting a student to do Nikkyo on me and he was getting 'flummoxed'

He said he didn't get it as it worked on everyone else but with me it was like he's hitting a wall. I was trying to get him to cut through no matter what was there.

Now, analytically he knew what to do but reality.....mmmm. On trying to stop me doing it on him, the more he tried the more it hurt and the harder he hit the floor.

He realized he was getting more and more aggressive and that was somehow turning back on him and hurting him. This he admitted and found hard to understand but then out came this statement from me- 'to overcome aggression you must first overcome it in yourself'

It was one of those truths that just appear when teaching in the moment in order to explain a point.

Afterwards I was chuckling to myself as I thought of this thread.

I have found myself continually amazed at the effects relaxation has on the effectiveness of techniques in aiki-type arts.
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