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Re: Small project (with extra scrap wood)

Donovan Faulkenbury wrote: View Post
Okie dokey, I love to be creative, but I'm a bit lost on this one. I'm rebuilding my grandma's floor, and have some extra scrap wood, but not really enough to do any big projects with, and I was wondering if anyone had some ideas. I have two 4x4 8 ft long, four 2x4 8 ft long, and about ten 2x6 pieces two feet long. I thought about making a couple striking pads, or a seiza board, maybe a chair, but I'm looking for something that strikes my interest more, so any ideas would be great. Arigato gozaimasu
What's the wood? Nice quality? Maybe a bokken/jo stand? I've got several nice pieces of maple I'm planning to do that with. My "scrap" pile is dangerously expansive so I'd love to hear some good ideas too!

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