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Re: Koshi Nage - Distance Between Nage's Feet

Hi Szczepan,

Szczepan Janczuk wrote: View Post
Thinking that you are able to do the techniques the same way like O Sensei, Saito, Shioda, Chida did, is a frightening illusion. We, mortals, we are simply not the same level.
Sure. If I was able to do the techniques like them, I won't be here now !!

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Surly not by looking for differences between the forms of these masters. Rather, by trying to find some common points in their forms. One of such common point is unbalancing, other is leading after unbalancing.
True again. Another common point among these greats was to place feet appart, so that's what I try to do. And find it easier than feet togheter. Ok, maybe it's just me. No problem.

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After all these observations, ask yourself: can I do koshinage exactly as O sensei did?
Since answer is NO...

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If answer is NO! -- don't copy, but use your intelligence to search how you must use your body to reproduce similar result.
I don't mean to copy, but if they do it like that... I don't copy millimeter by millimeter and radian by radian, but I (try to) keep the principals the same. And my intelligence (or lack of it) says that feet appart:

1. is more stable,

2. lets me throw my opponent further,

3. allows me a clean and beautifull entry for kokyu nage,

4. permits me to watch my back (and my side),

5. makes it harder for uke to sutemize me or counter me in any way...

... and possibly more and more advantages. But that's what my brain says. Most probably other brains think different. And maybe I'm very wrong, but I have what I see as big reassons.

Szczepan Janczuk wrote: View Post
just to be sure that uke will not tanking, do these experiences with not very cooperative uke that has more experience then you in aikido.
OMG, that's extremely very easy. I'm just a newbie in the arts!!

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