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Re: Re: What if you're stuck in an Aiki-desert?

Originally posted by Erik

It just depends on the environment and circumstances. If you are it and you want to practice then you go find someone to practice with. Since you are senior you'll probably be doing most of the teaching. I'd argue that you don't need to get all formal though. Just work out and learn from each other. If you can find someone more qualified work with them and go from there.

Not every place is like it is here in the Bay Area. I could practice with a different 5th dan (or higher) each night for months. We've got the opposite problem. Way too many dojos if you ask me.

I agree with your entire statement... not just the part I quoted.

BTW: where do you practice in the bay area? I'll be there once every few weeks for the next three months so I might try to drop in and pracitce (if allowed of course.)

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