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Re: Randori...we don't do enough of it

Chris Parkerson wrote: View Post
Many folks have talked about self defense.....

Chains are everywhere and act like whips. They can also wrap around you and slap you
unconscious if you try to block them.
A thrown knife must be avoided with body pivoting or footwork. Yet the thrower is still closing
upon you and is not yet committed to an angle of attack. Thus, there are two maii to be aware of.
I trained most of my art for the last 20 years to apply to bodyguarding. Has anyone considered
this? If you are protecting yourself, the dynamic sphere is fine and dandy. But if you are protecting
your spouse and kids, that same sphere is likely going to drive the attacker into a loved one.
Thus, I shortened my entries and kuzushi in all of the traditional techniques so I could make them
applicable to 3rd party protection. I train Multiple Randori with 3rd party protection in mind.

I am simply suggesting that we not only do more Randori; for it is a beautiful training platform, but to mix it up and challenge ourselves with modern realities.


Here's an interesting additive for you Chris. When someone is getting stuck with one person, especially when they are 'sure' they are being thwarted, I pick up a bokken saying if they are still there they get hit. Suddenly they can do it. This also happens with more attackers. The thing is it makes the handling of those others more insignificant and they find themselves handling them in order to avoid the 'greater' danger.

Ma-ai, or rather zanshin tends to suddenly become useful.

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