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Re: philosophical or practical martial art?

Anita Dacanay wrote: View Post
Well, I think only if I respect someones authority, his thoughts are worth to discuss them?
I think perhaps a language barrier is coming into play, because I am not sure that I understand what you are asking.
Yes, maybe it's about the language barrier. I try to use other words.

Your statement soundet to me:
If someone is an authority, I will not question his words. ("... I personally would not argue with either one of those gentlemen ...")

I wanted to express:
If someone is an authority (or if I accept someones authority) it makes great sense, to discuss his view, if my own competence leads me to a different understanding of the issue. Instead of just "believing" the authority.

For example:
I would have liked to have a conversation with O sensei who stated that kotodama is just another way of expressing, what the bible wants to say in Joh 1,1. I ( being a theologian) don't think, he is right ....
A (over here) famous french aikidoka who studied under O sensei talked to him about whether a christian could truly study aikido. And O Sensei gave him the answer, which you cite Okumura sensei with. Noquet was content.

@ hugh: I try to respect the words of everyone who expresses his or her opinions to me. But some seem to be more challenging then others.
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