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Re: philosophical or practical martial art?

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So you do think aiki jujutsu means aikido minus spirituality/philosophie?
I wouldn't agree.
I think you are right.If one considers aikido's philosophy to be a separate kind of religion that teaches peacefulness(such as omoto kyo) he might think that aikijutsu is aikido without the spiritual aspects, because its developement is believed to be more martial.But in my opinion daito ryu aiki jutsu and aikido are practically the same thing, aikido being a modern expression of aiki jutsu but sometimes the line that separates them becomes very thin, depending on the way one practices.So i believe that since aiki jutsu is an "aiki" based martial art, the philosophy of non-resistance is there, which actually leads to a peaceful attitude.I trully think that there is no signifficant difference practically or esoterically between the two...
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