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Re: BJJ shows weakness in this street fight

Kevin, I always enjoy your dose of practicality you add to posts. Considering your background I value your insights and take what you say on board.

As for the OP. Maybe knives were not apparent initally, from what I understand, the knives come out in the last moment to gain the element of surprise.
A guy who used to teach Philipino (sp?) stick/knife fighting and who is now retired, used to say "When confronted with a knife, use what ever you can as a barrier against the knife and get out of there as soon as possible." So ripping off your jacket and wrapping about your arm as a shield, throwing a garbage can lid at your opponent, anything as a distraction to get out.
Knives are fast and take little effort on the attacker's behalf to do harm.

Yes, having a good awareness would help to establish where you are at. So aikido randori is useful, provided it is done honestly with a sense of urgency.

My brother was ambushed many years ago (attempted mugging). He was studying a Jujutsu style at the time and he did as Kevin suggested, he took the fight to his two assailants and came out of it OK, but mentally messed up. His training saved him. He was lucky and I think the attack wasn't thought out that well.

Scary stuff.

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