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Re: Morihei Ueshiba Techniques

I think that it is difficult to believe that O Sensei "invented" any techniques without significant (or direct) influence from his Daito Ryu knowledge (or one of his other martial experiences, for that matter). I would like to see Wikipedia's source for that claim...

Aikido reflects unique application of techniques and principles derived from Daito Ryu, and that in itself is an expression of artistry. There are only so many ways to twist a wrist or load a hip for a throw; eventually, fighting arts exploit similar movements.

In addition, considering the modern aikido curriculum is more strongly a product of Doshu and the students of O Sensei, it is even murkier water. We are guessing a unique origin of a technique observed by a student while performed by O Sensei. What may have been "invented" to those observers is an opinion based upon their experience and knowledge at the time of their observations.

Ueshiba was able to turn fighting techniques into unique expressions of power and skill and that is, in itself, amazing. Should it matter whether those techniques were original or derived from Daito Ryu? I don't think it should; but, I think there is/was pressure for aikido to separate from Daito Ryu and this is one of those lingering issues that still ties Daito Ryu to Aikido and that is a problem for some people.

I think Bernd is touching on a point that is uncomfortable with aikido people... If aikido is takemusu, but you need aiki to create takemusu... It makes it hard to realize what O Sensei was teaching, even if you mimicked the movements he showed as "techniques".

Take a boring arm bar technique. A average student learns 10 applications, a good student learns 100 applications, a great student learns 1000 applications. From one technique are born... Every martial art has an arm bar, do we concern ourselves with that when we watch an excellent UFC fighter apply an arm bar from a never-before-seen application?

Jon Reading
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