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Re: Assessing "IP/IT/IS" via video

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
Let me give a very simple explanation, Michael. Instead of me videoing this, let's just use my old favorite picture of the one-legged stand trick:

Let's imagine 2 tries. In the first try Nage has not yet mentally arranged his structural paths inside (that's what "intent" means) and Uke just pushes him over. In the second attempt, Nage arranges his structure inside so that Uke's push is met with an angled force-path from the ground that acts as a brace under Uke's push; Uke is therefore pushing against the ground. You cannot see the minute changes that go on within the body to change the alignment paths, so seeing a picture or video isn't going to show you much. If, however, Nage has to drop down to two legs and lean a bit toward Uke and tense his shoulders, we know that he's almost certainly not using intent and is instead using some variation of normal strength. Often what you're looking for is based on your own experience through the years... and you're looking for what the demonstrator does wrong that tells you the story.


Mike Sigman
Also cannot see the specific direction uke is pushing (or even if not pulling).

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