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Tom Wolowiec wrote:
You could have put all of your questions (except the Japan vs America post, that one is too long) in one topic, you know.
You contradict youself. If you feel that Japan vs. America was too long then what makes you think if I compress all the others into one post that the replies will not turn out to be incredibly long? That would be alot to answer if you did it thoroughly, don't you think?

It was merely an experiment. I expexted this reply from soneone and I proved that no matter what a person does, there is always soneone to comlain. I am not really interested in the "Japan vs. America" post becasue I realize not many people have the opportunity to know. However, I am interested in the other ones.

Please stick to the contents of this post as I am eager to hear what people think. If there are enough replies, I will post my thoughts later.

Brad Medling
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