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Re: Using ki-skills for "aiki" in Daito-Ryu

My question about any teacher who has it - in this case Ushiro sensei is always: Does Ushiro sensei have any students who have developed recognizable internal power in under 6 years? Is it more like a 20-25-30 year system? Do (can?) any students apply their internal power outside of karate?

I have trained waza and kata for decades. I've trained waza to what I would consider the nth degree for quite some time now. I have also dedicated quite a bit of time and energy trying to apply the principles I learned in the waza outside of aikido. (Which is why I am interested in William Hazen's approach.)

Just a couple years back, I tested for yondan. Fortunately, I hadn't had any sleep for over 3 days (due to work and family stuff). During that randori, I found that the many tricks I typically had up my sleeve (which I used successfully against bjjers attacking me freely) were just not enough with a tired mind. That experience taught me that THE biggest martial value of years of waza is the trained body you get from that kind of thing and further that my body was not trained well enough.

My believe in aikido's effectiveness remains that when your mind is sharp enough to hide my structural weaknesses from others as well, it works well enough against people who do not have well trained martial bodies who are attacking you. Can you use your aikido to defend a family member being attacked? Where the energy is not directed at you? I doubt it. The only people who can, have extremely well trained bodies relative to the attacker.

You know, the funny thing is that I'm pretty decent at some kata and that now that I think about it, I'll NEVER do again that way - EVER. Because it is just bad for training my body to move like that.

Is my mind open? Yes. Just this Tuesday, I just did something that I didn't know a human could do. It blew my mind and freaked my muscles out too because they seemed to want to get involved.

I'm open minded. I just want to evaluate based on valuable skills and how long to acquire them.

Can Ushiro sensei's (or insert anyone on the kata/waza approach) students deliver force without committing weight? Are they vulnerable in terms of balance (along the line from anus to navel) while they move ? If they can do these aiki type things, are they ALL at that level in say under 6 years?

If not, are there other significant advantages you can describe that gives merit to kata/waza based training? I'm completely open to any ideas on the subject. Please, by all means, describe them.


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