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Re: Using ki-skills for "aiki" in Daito-Ryu

Wait a minute-hold on. Now you have me confused.

I don't know why that troubled -you- at all.
You were discussing "high level technique" and named it so. Not internal power or aiki. And how those guys each exhibited different characteristics in technique that were excellent and maybe should not be dismissed out of hand. I furthered that by suggesting that tecnique is what happens after, and anyone who has internal power should be manifesting all of them, not just one.

The material -I- chose to discuss- was outside of your entire discussion of technique Toby. To draw a comparison between waza and internal power. Waza, be it high level or not has a place but it isn't what the thread was about. So my disscusion was an add-on to a waza discussion. It is also why I referred to Rob and Bill who have some excellent theories on why and how even high level techniques evolved. It more or less is along the lines that the waza served to cover structural weakness, but often in singular planes as a means to protect or cover a movement.
Internal power is training that goes beyond "high level technique" and can join them as one as it covers all aspects and all planes as one.
To which-I was hoping you would have agreed. Since you have internal training in your art, I am sure you see where they support and are all the same things at least on a basic level. If anything I assumed you would have agreed and responded favorably to.

Wait...did you read the post as if I was refering -to- you? I wasn't. Other wise I would have started with
I was making a point about "high level techniques" be they great or not, and seeing them in a different light through internals which can manifest all of those qualities, without technique. Make more sense?

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