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Craig Moore
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Re: Shu Ha Ri Dialogues

Thanks for the reply Jon. The poem is a good one. Getting the balance right between allowing expression to take place and providing guidance can be difficult. My wife is a passionate secondary teacher, so I get to hear a bit about theories on teaching and learning (very different things). Of course to provide guidance you need to be at a certain level too though. I've met people who think they're amazing and teaching valid stuff because they've trained longer than what Sensei had when she/he started teaching classes. But those same people haven't had anywhere near the breadth or depth of exposure to what Sensei had back at that equivalent stage.

Don't know if the discussion I linked raises points that are too uncomfortable for people to talk about, if people don't agree with any of it, dojo closures are giving everyone more urgent things to think about, the general state of Aikido, Covid and all means people are loosing interest or just a reflection of the general state of internet forums these days. I know most stuff has been discussed to death here in the past and people eventually get sick of the same topics. But I thought new material like a recent interview, demo or whatever would be of interest. It's got even more quiet around here lately that it has been for a while....
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