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Bernd Lehnen
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Re: AIKIDO - The way that doesn't work! - The Series

John Cox wrote: View Post
This an older discussion but I thought I would bring it back up....

I often (from a self defense perspective) wonder if the average Aikido practitioner has any grasp of reality. It's painfully clear that a large number don't and that most have never been in a physical altercation in their lives. It's even more alarming that they actually believe that what they practice on the mat, and in the manner in which they practice it, is going to actually work and come to the rescue if it ever happened. I'm sorry but stop being so damn na´ve.

Mr. Sly is trying to relay that method and for all of you delusional practitioners out there with your certificates on the wall, hakamas, blackbelts and false sense's of security, you might want to tune back in to the channel and listen up.
Hi John,

There is a lot of truth in what you say. But even Segal's aikido is not good enough if it is misunderstood. I don't think he could seriously have gone into the cage or boxing ring with it for the execution of the technique. It is and remains a form of exercise ...

The same applies, by the way, IMHO to karate and other "classic" martial arts. In the Middle Ages, many small deadly wars were fought in Japan and quite a few fighters were well armed so that fistfighting could not do much. But if you could fight a famous opponent to the ground in a duel, he was pretty much at your mercy.
Then followed the "coup de grace" and the securing of the "evidence", but only in individual combat. Historically, in most of the mass struggles people seem to have been killed by stone throwing. In any case, the sword didn't play a major role though.

Igor Vojnović wrote: View Post
Well it's not finishing, the kick is basically an atemi. Similar to when Saito goes here with a punch, instead of a punch we go with a kick
Markus Rohde wrote: View Post
You can do that, there are lots of possibilities for kicking, for knees, ellbows, fists.
I just said I never saw Ueshiba doing kicks, atemi with his fists a lot.

In Budo Renshu, I couldn't find any drawing with a kick.
Very few really know what Atemi means. They think it is something like a punch or a kick or a stab to the body.
When I look at old films by OSensei Ueshiba, there is a lot of Atemi, but with the whole body ...

Otherwise it seems to me as if he keeps saying, look what I'm doing and see, it works anyway.
So it is not the technique shown that matters to him. He is even supposed to have said that himself.

IMHO, Aikido requires - or under good guidance can foster - an extremely aggressive inner attitude, someone willing to fight, combined with the indomitable will not to destroy the partner, but to forge and purify each other with the partner, just like forging a good sword, so that both emerge stronger from the process. A type of MIsogi.

Fighting is different and whoever uses Aikido technique as self-defense is already half lost ...
Why has even OSensei always used his own ukes for demonstrations?

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