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Re: The purpose of Aikido?

John Cox wrote: View Post
I never claimed there was only one Aikido. However this is yet another lost sole on the Aikido merry-go-round that is going to walk away because he's had trouble finding a home. Why? Because he's having trouble stomaching the crap that he's being fed. The sad part is, he has every right to feel this way because a vast majority of what is taught in Aikido schools that is labeled as an effective self defense, is complete crap! You take a majority of what is being peddled in the local Aikido dojo's and try and using it in real physical altercation, YOU ARE GOING TO GET OWNED! Let me tell you something, I have practiced with several higher ranking practitioners in a few different styles of Aikido that wouldn't last two seconds if they had to do it for real! With their high ranks, certificates on the wall, and Uke's taking the fall for them and or playing along nicely, they are nothing more than window dressing. The worst part of the whole situation is when these people who teach this crap actually start believing their own bullshit.

I wanted to suggest to this student that before he walked away for good, he should look into Tenshin Aikido because like me, he wants something PRACTICAL and EFFECTIVE and that is Tenshin Aikido. I'm sorry but I don't feel most styles of Aikido can claim either.
I understand where you are coming from, John, but an obvious question is whether "effective self defense" was anywhere near the top of Morihei Ueshiba's priority list.

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