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Re: AIKIDO - The way that doesn't work! - The Series

This an older discussion but I thought I would bring it back up because I feel Mr. Sly and his comments have great merit. After watching the series and several other videos from the "Rogue Warrior" channel, I guess I'm a little confused at some of the comments that I read. One of the comments stated that Mr. Sly was "self serving" while others went right to the excuse "it's because he's not doing it right, a favorite excuse and place to hide for the traditionalists when their techniques and the effectiveness of those techniques are called into question.

First off, where is he "self serving"? He's trying to show you why these techniques are not practical and why they will never work in a real life, outside the dojo altercation. He's trying to explain that nobody is going to attack or come at you in the manner that a majority of Aikido styles practice in and because of that, these techniques are just as useless as those attacks you practice against so diligently. Where is he doing the techniques wrong? Every time I hear this excuse it make me think of Jim Carrey when he played a Karate instructor on "In Living Color" One of his students stabbed him with a knife while he was demonstrating a technique and when the student asked him if he was ok he very quickly replied, "you attacked me wrong"!

I often (from a self defense perspective) wonder if the average Aikido practitioner has any grasp of reality. It's painfully clear that a large number don't and that most have never been in a physical altercation in their lives. It's even more alarming that they actually believe that what they practice on the mat, and in the manner in which they practice it, is going to actually work and come to the rescue if it ever happened. I'm sorry but stop being so damn na´ve.

Although Mr. Sly can come across as rude and or belligerent (more often than not because of people and their comments) you might want to do yourself a favor and listen to what he has to say. I don't personally know Mr. Sly and I have never trained with him although we do train in the same Tenshin Aikido (Seagal Sensei) method. I have said this before and I will say it again, Seagal Sensei taught the method he did because he knew there was a more practical, efficient and effective way to do things.

Mr. Sly is trying to relay that method and for all of you delusional practitioners out there with your certificates on the wall, hakamas, blackbelts and false sense's of security, you might want to tune back in to the channel and listen up.

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