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Re: Discovering Aikido -- Book Online

2020 is soon to end. Since CoronaV sent millions of people home earlier this year, my site visitor stats have doubled. So, over the last nine months my site has equaled the number of views since I first established it in 2005. Looks like a lot of people had a lot of free time on their hands! It has now tailed off, so, hopefully, people around the world must be going back to work. Luckily, here in NZ, after an initial lockdown of a few weeks, we got back to normal pretty quickly. After a few months of weapons only, normal training resumed maybe three or more months ago. Over the last while I have been through my site content. I have corrected a few typos, and added bits here and there. Thanks to everyone who has been reading through it! Shall consider republishing it in paper copy at some point.

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