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Home made bokken

I was going to post this a little while ago but the forum wasn't working at the time. Thought I'd share photos of the home made bokken I've been working on over the last couple of months. Not 100% Aikido because I'm using these for other sword work as well as Aikido related kata. The fixed tsuba is a bit of a give away that they won't end up in our regular Aikido classes. Still thought there might be some interest.

Done plenty of wood and metal work stuff before, some of it weapons related. But this is the first time I've had an interest in hand carving my own wooden weapons. The wood is a Merbau decking plank, which is easily available here. I wasn't trusting my abilities enough to splurge on "proper" wood. Anyway, according to the online wood database information, Merbau is supposed to be a bit stronger and a bit heavier than white oak. In practise I've found at least the stuff here is not that at all. The finished bokken is about 80% the weight of the Japanese red oak one I've had for the last 30 years. Still feels ok to swing but noticeably a little bit light.

Rough cutting was done on a table saw and with a jigsaw. Of course a router was used for the saya hollowing. The rest was all hand carving with a plane, spoke shave and hand sanding. I wanted the matching set of bokken and shoto for myself. But part of the inspiration for the project was that my nephew has expressed some interest in learning sword. So the 2nd bokken with the wood finish saya is a Christmas present for him. We're going to work through some iaido, paired kenjutsu and aikiken together.

**Note having trouble embedding images, still working on it!

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