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Opinions on treating head injury

Recovery from unfortunate accidents during training should be discussed, even though it seems to be an unpopular and uncomfortable topic.

I'd like to get some more opinions/advice/recommendations on treating a head injury from a solid shomenuchi strike coming from a jo.

Obvious common treatments like ice for swelling, rest, and increased circulation (warm packs, slow motion movements, rubbing with hands) for longer term recovery have been attempted.

Bruising, dizziness, swelling, "slowed thinking" and most pain was gone after a while.
Luckily no black out and no obvious skull damage.

There's appearantly still remnants of minor headaches, some pulsing dull but not sharp pain, and nervousness about the incident. Do those ever go away or do those things generally need more time for a complete recovery? I do realize a head injury is not nearly the same as getting an injury elsewhere and is likely more serious than a usual injury (i.e. arm bruising, broken nail, jammed thumb).

Would head massages help? Are there other kinds of useful or helpful treatments like reiki?
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