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Re: Life and death

Peter A Goldsbury wrote: View Post

I should add that this is something that I am facing now. I have cancer, heart disease, and -- now I understand after the latest diagnosis -- age-related epilepsy, plus all the side effects from the medication I am taking. Quite a handful. So, I suspect that, all other things being equal, I am closer than you are.

But the excellent doctors want to keep me alive for as long as possible and I am glad of this, for I still have aikido and I enjoy watching my students try to understand my 'mysterious' waza.
Dear Peter,

I'm very sorry to read of your health issues. I hope you and the doctors are successful in keeping you going with a decent quality of life for many more years to come. As you might have gathered from social media, this topic is close to the bone at the moment for those of us in Iwama. (NB: I can message you if you missed the memo).

Kind regards

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