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Life and death

At 8' o clock this morning a friend of my family died peacefully after a long bout with cancer.

Life is death and death is life, this is the message of nature. Nature -- day & night, winter & summer, black & white show the polarities which are the extremes of the cyclicity, the spiral nature -of reality. When winter (Yin) is at its deepest, at its most still, at final death baby Yang is born. The earth starts tilting the other way and everything goes from deeper in death to beginning life and growth.
At birth (or conception perhaps) we empty the cup of deadly poison. Birth is the assumption of a physical (mortal) form. At death we ? -- assume an immortal form? Assume a new mortal form? Just disappear??
Just disappearing would assume a beginning and an end (or at least an end). Assuming a new mortal form would be consistent with spiral cyclicity (and general Yin/Yang theory). Assuming an eternal spiritual form at some stage, finally reaching heaven or the Tao (or the void), or becoming forever one with everything would be -- who knows? Yin and Yang are the top representatives of the dualistic universe that was brought forth from unity, leaving the dualistic universe for an existence beyond Yin and Yang would be what is described by Chinese Philosophy as becoming one with the Tao.
The natural law of reciprocity indicates that, since birth (or perhaps conception) is death then the moment (whatever that is) of death is life. When winter changes to spring -- the water element progresses to the wood element -- death becomes life in the eternal spiral cycles of the seasons. Life is death and death is life.
Origenes, the famous "church father" wrote extensively on the subject of cycles in nature in relation to human death and life. So did, of course, several of the Chinese "philosophers":

Master Lai said, "Parents' relation to their children is such that, whether north, south, east, or west, the child only follows their command. The relation of yin and yang [natural forces and processes] to people is even more important than that of our parents to us. They having brought me near death, were I to disobey, I would be impudent. What wrong have they done in this?! The Huge Clump burdens me with form, labours me with life, eases me with old age, and rests me with death. So what makes my life good is the very thing that makes my death good. "Now if a master smith were casting metal and the metal jumped up and said, ‘I must be made into a famous blade,' the smith would surely take it to be cursed metal. Now having once taken on human form, were I to say ‘Only a human, only a human,' the creator-and transformer would surely take me to be a cursed human. Now in this instance I take heaven and earth to be a great furnace and the process of creation and transformation to be a master smith. Where could I go that wouldn't be acceptable?!"

(Chuang Tzu)

"Perhaps, however, the 'gloom and darkness' should be taken to mean this coarse and earthly body, through which at the end of the world each man that must pass into another world will receive the beginnings of a fresh birth." '


The study of Aikido is a path of Yin and Yang, the study of life and death. What a wonderful path 😊
Merrii Kurisumasu 😊
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