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Re: Could a child fail a grading?

Could a child fail a grading?


Should a child (or anyone) fail a grading?


IMHO. Failing an aikido test is the fault of the instructor. If that student is not prepared for the test, they should not test. That is the decision of the instructor. This is especially true for a child. If they don't have the time or effort or advancement in place to succeed at the test, then they should be told, "Hey your aikido is coming along nicely, but your not quite ready for the test this go round. Take the time between now and the next test to do this, this and that.."

Some argue that failing a test is a test in and of itself. I don't disagree, but I also don't feel that we should set out to fail anyone. The "test" should be a demonstration of knowledge and prowess. If the student (adult or child) is not ready to demonstrate their art, the instructor should tell them and prepare them for sucess.

There are always students that "know" their material and just don't perform well on a test. These are difficult to deal with. I prefer to meet with them and say, "you did this and that well, and need to work and this and that. I'd like you to retest to demonstrate these things in 2 weeks" or whatever. The higher the rank the less coddling.

Derek Duval
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