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Re: AIKIDO - The way that doesn't work! - The Series

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Getting back to the original topic of this thread, AIKIDO - The way that doesn't work! - The Series, I have to agree with Lenny Sly; for what he's looking to do, Aikido doesn't work. It's not because Aikido is lacking though, it's more likely that what he wants Aikido to be is something it was never designed to be.

Meaning what? It was never meant to be a "functional" martial art just with the techniques and without the knowledge of Aiki? You do realize that there are people claiming that Daito ryu/Aikido techniques are "obsolete", or plain and simple useless even with Aiki, that mma is the only "real deal" and that the "connective body" training should be used in that particular fashion. Not to mention all the other "combatives" nonsense I've bee hearing people talk about without having an actual clue about what combatives are.

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