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Re: AIKIDO - The way that doesn't work! - The Series

Jon Reading wrote: View Post
The problem is that either you can manifest aiki (albeit the quality can vary), or you can't.
I think there's a quantitative component involved and that the manifestation of aiki isn't binary (can or can't).

Jon Reading wrote: View Post
Everyone with whom I have worked out who had aiki felt materially different. Even within a dojo, you can feel the difference between students training in IP and students who are not.
Agree. The differences are obvious. Students who are manifesting aiki move and feel differently from those who are mechanically practicing technique.

Jon Reading wrote: View Post
This threads connects a couple of issues because I think at its base level, we recognize the limitations of aikido waza.
Like I said earlier, waza isn't the engine, it's the tool that focuses and applies the power generated by the engine. I think students, if not given instruction in mind/body coordination at an early stage of their study, see technique as an end in and of itself. That being said, Aikido techniques are excellent tools for learning the application of aiki due to the nature of their forms. It's one of the things that sets Aikido apart from other arts in which the mastering of technique is the primary focus.

Jon Reading wrote: View Post
The difference is that Ueshiba was moving with full body connection (i.e. aiki) and eventually the student body did not possess that skill. The [successful] outcome of the movement could be contrived and that contrivance was the evolution of aikido. We now have this period of time where other martial arts can test our stuff and we become limited to the conditions of the contrivance. I don't like "right" or "wrong", because to each his own. But, we should not ignore this gap.
I think Ueshiba M purposely held back teaching aiki skills as an integral part of Aikido training because he wanted his students to discover for themselves the nature of aiki and their own Aikido. But that's just speculation on my part.

Getting back to the original topic of this thread, AIKIDO - The way that doesn't work! - The Series, I have to agree with Lenny Sly; for what he's looking to do, Aikido doesn't work. It's not because Aikido is lacking though, it's more likely that what he wants Aikido to be is something it was never designed to be.


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