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John McBride
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Re: A question for the experienced.

Ross Robertson wrote: View Post

It's fine if they value your rank at parity; it's fine if they determine your currency to hold no meaning in their system; it's fine if it's recognized, but depreciated.

It's up to you to see to it that, over time, your investment accrues appreciation.

Good luck!
I agree, but as it happens, the very first question out of sensi's mouth was "So, you have studied Aikido before?"
Being of honorable spirit, I knew the jig was up, and disclosed that yes, I had indeed studied before many, many years ago. Since no further discussion about where I left off regarding rank was forth coming, I relaxed and enjoyed observing my first class in over 20 years as a beginner.

I realize that this may seem trivial, but I am a very different person from who I was lo those many years ago. Starting over from the beginning is what I was after, and I am excited beyond measure (and more than a little apprehensive) to get back on the mat.

I truly appreciate your response. It means a lot.


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