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Re: Could a child fail a grading?

So my kids took their test and got promoted to yellow belt. They were very happy and smiling the whole way home. They did look back at me from time to time during the practice warmup at the start of class, but they kept focused during the actual test. I think they were at their best when my partner took them to class a few weeks ago. When she takes them to class, she sits on the visitor's bench, but doesn't watch them, instead preferring to read a book or text on her phone. My kids' teacher felt that they really knew their stuff and that it was time to test. The actual test was a lot easier than the things they did in class. They didn't have to do a full backroll, for example, even though they could do full backrolls in class. There were 5 selected to test during the practice, but when test time came, 4 were selected from those 5. The one student who wasn't selected was very young and didn't quite know his movements yet, but he should be ready soon. He was very upset. I wrote in my online journal about how this class was almost a passing of the torch because this time last year my kids' first class was, in fact, a test class where two kids earned their yellow and orange belts. In today's class, there were two new kids - brothers - who looked like my kids when they first started. I hope they stick with it like my kids did.

I really wanted to sit in the lounge area away from my kids so I didn't pose as a distraction, but they insisted I be there watching them. I tried not to look much. I had a book with me. On occasion, I see a parent taking the class with her child. I considered doing that, but the experience of watching class, even a kids class, is very valuable to me. I pick up things by watching the kids class that I had internal questions about when taking the adult class.

At the end of their class, my six year old wondered where his actual physical yellow belt was (the dojo has to order them, so they'll be available in 2 weeks). I had to explain to him that the belts are only a symbol, a representation of the actual achievement, not the achievement itself.

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