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Re: Discovering Aikido -- Book Online

I have spent the last year and a half in South Korea. Spent another year in Japan before that. I work at Yongin University which is famous for its martial arts programmes and have had the chance to meet all sorts of interesting people (main Karate guys in Korea / wrestlers / Hapkido / several teachers of Chinese arts from China / Aunkai / JKD / students / others). Some of my old Aikido students (from when I lived here before) have moved on tremendously and all offer good insight. Also spent a couple of weeks discussing stuff with a Jujutsu friend in NZ and so ... I have spent a bit of time updating stuff/ideas on my website. Nothing much - just bits here and there. Most people would not notice I guess. Sometimes I think I should delete stuff because I have moved on but I usually leave it as it might provide a way for others who are starting out. Anyway - Update 2016 done.

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