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Unhappy Fear is the Little Death

It makes me sad to feel like I learn more from watching the movie "Dune" than many do from reading "The Bible". I'm a Catholic Christan and it shames me to see how some use the teachings of Jesus Christ to foster ignorance and hate. Aikido is all I can be evangelical about these days. It seems that modern Christianity has become centered around "being holy". I can't speak for O-sensei, but it seems to me that he taught that "being holy" is a given, what is important is loving your enemy (sound familiar) and that means "acting holy".
In loving my enemy, I'm saddened by the pain they inflict on themselves and others through word and deed. I have a profound respect for all belief systems (religious or not) that promote all humankind, and I will always attempt to blend with and change those that would divide it.
I know this is an emotionally charged issue for so many, but the truth is out there. As a physicist, I challenge anyone who thinks that they have it all figured out to read another book, "Classical Electrodynamics" by Jackson, and tell me what God was thinking when designing the forces of interaction. Our shared universe is a wonderous creation and learning about all of its various facets is my hope for humanity's spiritual journey.

Don't fret. This post was written by the demons that inhabited my body while I was meditating and watching "The Matrix" while sitting on a copy of "The Complete Guide to the Occult," by Zolar. My mom told me not to do it... so I didn't.

Believe what one will, because one will anyway.

"One does not find wisdom in another's words." -James D. Chye
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