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Re: Aikido and being Christian

Hi !
When I started reading the bible ,I was of course looking for Aikido somewhere in it,
maybe when David beat Goliath there was a point of equal ; no hesitation - instant victory.
But there was a righteous killing - hardly Aikido ! - but God showing favourtism.
But as I read the word now ,my focus has shifted and it is no longer what I look for,
I long to know what God wants me to understand,reading the word does things to my life and spirit
that is beyond understanding.
As one of our ministers got a sort of nervous breakdown lately - I couldn't help but think that
training helps in this respect , but even Budokas are fragile as people are ,and you never know who
falls by the roadside , it could be me one day , let's hope not !

yours - Chr.B.
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