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Re: Elbow Power

Dear All,
I take the view that having a good ukemi is vital and useful to be able to do. I also think that it is not always the case that you have to use ukemi in training.i think knowing both methods is good .DH makes the point that you can feel your partners power or lack of without doing a ukemi. Until very recently I used to take ukemi, I have cut back on this and rarely do I breakfall. This does not stop me from feeling my partners kokyu./kuzushi. If you take someone with a bad back and throw the person around I do not think the back problem will improve.On the other hand stretching and assisting your partner in a controlled manner can in some cases prove beneficial.I try and utilise ukemi more than falling ,more like body conditioning .My view is both D,H. and the other contributors viewpoints have merit.
Cheers, Joe.
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