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Re: Multiple attackers, using their idea of what is happening against them

Greg Steckel wrote: View Post
You are right, there is no reason why people cannot have their own view of aiki - the hard part for the IP/IS group is that they all have had similar views on aiki as the other parties, but now have experienced something different that explains (and can show) the unusual power of Ueshiba where their former views did not - it is hard not to share this so others have the option of learning more about it.

Greg, thank you. I'm NOT singling you out, or anybody in particular, when I say that as a lurker on this thread my reaction is that"sharing this so others have the option..." is very different from the bludgeoning tone I'm reading in this thread. I don't feel like I'm reading reasoned arguements no matter how much "evidence" by way of video links either side posts; it feels like reading an utterly pointless shouting match.

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