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Re: "stance of heaven (and earth)" and IS

Mary Eastland wrote: View Post
Dan, you certainly are consistent with your message.

The thought that occurred to me when I was reading your last post was about leading the mind.
You certainly do that. Ueshiba was probably very good at it too, from the sounds of things.
Maruyama Sensei was.

My question for you is why is this all so important to you? Why can't you listen to what other people say?

Why can't Graham have his point of view and Ken his. Why take things so personally? Why not apply your centeredness and good IS skills to letting?

I think that is part of Aikido you will never understand.
Hello again, Mary
It's not personal. There are things that are not a point of view. There are things trained that have palpable results. These concepts are known and someone having a POV that is opposite of what they mean when they are teaching is not helping anyone is it? Morihei Ueshiba studied them and wrote about them, sometimes almost copying them word for word. It appears by their own admission that he and his students agree that many didn't know what he was talking about.

As for taking things personal? Well, I think the pot is calling the kettle black here. People have gotten wildly personal and attacked those of us discussing this. I am not overly concerned with the name calling and personal attacks; I do take objection to continually being told equal to those who do it. I will contend with those who claim they know what we are talking about and obviously don't, that their movement does not address their claims of understanding. But, here's the thing; not an insult to their person. I do so without discussing them personally or resorting to name calling as some sort of validation for an ignorance of the material being discussed

Case in point;
Me telling Graham he does not understand a heretofore recognized concept, or the body connections that we are discussing does not equate to him calling me a con man in a thread that was nothing more than a prolonged personal attack; calling me a snake oil salesman, fraud, charlatan etc. .. Now does it? This of course flies in the face of dozens of personal testimonies of well trusted people here to the contrary. Did their witness deter the language used or approved? No. I think it is rather outrageous to discuss taking things to personal level…with me. I could line up many of the most senior people here who have mentioned the level of attacks I have endured are unprecedented on Aikiweb. I have my own opinions on that but I will keep them to myself.
I have a pretty consistent history of telling many here that they missed it. They do not understand what Ueshiba was talking about or doing. I know that is harsh, but it certainly isn't personal. I also have a very consistent record of demonstrating it in person as well. And more's the point helping people to learn. Those people are very grateful and write about it. Mores the point they now....somehow even magically agree after training with several folks teaching this.

Last, believe it or not, contend or no. I am not playing games, leading someone's mind, or trying to score points. For the most part, I am interested in the material and what it can for ....all of us. I hate the contention, and I don't like when it makes people feel bad about themselves. That said, there is a point where the material speaks for itself. As I usually say, not everyone gets an "A" but dog on if I am not doing my level best to help them get there.
That ain't half bad.
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