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Re: "stance of heaven (and earth)" and IS

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I dunno, you could say that about almost any martial art. And Ark gives plenty of demos where you don't harm the guy and use the same skill to avoid "conflict."
Same could be said about Taiji exponents uprooting or bouncing a person (that's being nice). Come to think of it, you could say that for most "internal" CMAs, and a number of other MAs as well.
i thought what Ark's teaching was to build a martial body, i.e. a well internal balance body to do any kind of martial arts. that is the water in the bottle and not the shape of the bottle. is this what IS proponent goal, i.e. focus on the water (possibly passing it ) there is a video on youtube of Saotome sensei uproot and bounced uke; methink, it was one of the Rocky Mt Summer camp video. it's terrible that the taiji folks steal stuffs from us aikido.

as far as heaven and earth stance goes, if you grab the lower hand and try to lift up, you shouldn't be able to. and if you try to pull down the up hand, you shouldn't be able to either, because your body should have the up-n-down energy going in opposite directions. of course IS folks would ask about other directions as well, but for this we just went with the simple first, right? of course, the only other direction we should be interested in would be to the closest pub.

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