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Re: Spiritual Power

Andrew Bedford wrote: View Post
Just a point, didnt O`sensei first have spiritual training in shingon buddhism, in his home town of Tanabe, then trained in martial arts that his farther introduced to him?
Then came daito ryu which gave Aikido its technical base.
Finally culminating in more spiritual training und Deguchi Senei, and learning chinkon Kishin techniques, from him.

Thus O`sensei I believe words to the effect, spirit first, Body second.

Also I have read small transcriptions from reiki monagatari, which deguchi wrote, that says, In the begining was spirirt, ame no minakushi no Omi kami (centre). Then came power, tamatsume no O kami to deliver that spirit into the myriad of things, Third came the body which carries the spirit, Kami musubi no Okami,and the power.
This was deguchi's, personal view of how we should develop ourselves, and indeed this was his own interpretation of the beginnings of the kojiki.

Spirit first,Second Power, Third Body. Interestingly the three deities mentioned above are the first deities described at the very begining of the kojiki.

This information has been around a very long time.

Andy b
Nicely put.

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