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Re: YouTube: Kanaya Hirotaka Shihan

Joe Curran wrote: View Post
I take it that you have experience of being Uke for Kanaya Sensei?Maybe you might care to share your experiences with others on this Forum? All the Best, Joe A.K.A Doubting Thomas.
Sorry Joe, I do not have any experience with Kanaya Sensei. I have, over the years, experienced others who display an amount of power that seems out of proportion relative to size and muscle mass. People who are able to apply power and control that requires very little in the way of movement. I would add that I don't buy into the whole no touch, action-at-a-distance throwing thing. I'm not sure what ideas or principles are being demonstrated, but none of that stuff has ever been applied to me by anyone I have ever trained under or with.

'Nuf said, off to class.


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