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Re: Deliberations on the transmission of knowledge

You see yourself in a field of information, making connections with the different objects in the field. You use the different information sources, cross-reference each source, see what cross-pollinates. Where things overlap, you will sure be sure to find principal. Practise in accordance to these principals, and any innovations will be checked and referred to the different information sources.
I really liked this part...because it's personally very meaningful and represents what I view to be an answer to so many issues different social interactions produce. Part of what makes humans so successful is our social's also what causes a relatively small disagreement to turn into something huge...or to put it another way: to waste time and energy on other people's petty BS.
...And we all have our own petty BS (even me), no sense in spreading it around to others. I believe at the end of the day it's all a matter of how dedicated to the truth and the learning of it we are, and that that is a skill worth focusing on all on its own.
...Something like that anyway.

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