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Re: Deliberations on the transmission of knowledge

That was very interesting Lorel
As you know, I rarely participate anymore. I resolved that the debating with the "supposed" experts was best done by....meeting with real experts. It is much more conclusive to have a recognized expert put his hands on your back and dantian and then push with you and have them tell you that you are doing X, Y, and Z in their art, than argue on the web.

Sadly, I have noted that some of those shouting from the roof tops the loudest about "teachers holding back" and the "ugliness of martial politics" and the "games you have to play for information"...have proven in the fullness of time it is they themselves who have the darkest personalities and politicing of them all!!

The solution is to tell everyone to go out and train with all of the self proclaimed amateur/experts and the real experts as well. That, in and of itself, forces people to gain more exposure and form opinions on real skill, and method, and then think. Then they can find teachers/coaches with a stable personality that they can work with.

Teachers and coaches can be VERY weird, and information used as a whip or bat just isn't worth it to me. Anyone who tried to convince me they were the only one with knowledge and tried to narrow the dialogue to their terms or tried to convince me they were the arbiter of what is BS or truth...always...ALWAYS... turned out to be the one slinging the most BS. You see it with certain topics with people "crying for a discussion...." then they cancel out everything everyone says...but they themselves never offer anything of substance in rebuttal. Many people seem to have fallen for that.... in great heaping spoonfuls. It's great to be reading more and more people getting hip to this nonsense.
Speaking of nice....
The only place I have ever heard being "nice" written off and spoken about like it was some sort of social disease was in the Non aikido martial traditions section of Aikiweb by certain people. It was spoken about almost as a disqulaifier.

Thanks for reminding everyone to keep their B.S. meters on and
that there are some really fantastic people out there working it and right now this is including some real Martial art experts who are coming together in a common search for the heart of these arts. Wisely...and perhaps rightly so, I have noted that as time goes on,I am seeing certain people being written out of that search, mostly for the behavior you have noted.
All the best

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