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First seminar

Hello to all!

I'm new to this forum, and I'm just posting to share my experience with my first seminar.

But first, a little info on myself. I am currently a beginner at Aikido, having started on February 14 of this year. I find it to be the most fullfilling of the martial arts, and the most enjoyable. I have studied Shotokan Karate and Shaolin Kung Fu when I was younger, but spiritually and emotionally, I find that Aikido is superior (in my humble opinion, that is! )

Well, to put it lightly, the seminar was FANTASTIC! It was my dojo's first seminar, and a celebration of the dojo's 5th year anniversary. Sensei Lorraine Dianne was invited to give the seminar, and she did a SUPERB job! I now plan to attend as many seminars as possible, whenever possible.

Everyone in the seminar I believe had a great time, and we all appreciated the fantastic teaching by Sensei Dianne.

I highly encourage fellow beginners who have yet to attend a seminar to go to as many as possible! The learning experience is great, and you get to meet many wonderful people, who share the common passion for this beautiful art.

Although I am a bit sore, I am more than ready and super inspired to head back to my dojo for more continued training, so as to prepare for the next seminar!

Keep training!

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