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Re: Gotta Move Aikido Library for Sale

Diana Frese wrote: View Post
I'm not sure if Aikido Complete is currently available, if it is Yamada Sensei's original book, written before "The New Aikido Complete" which I think has been renamed. I'll have to check it out. But you might want to specify whether this is Yamada Sensei's original book, which I think was written in the late sixties.
Hi Diana... Actually, there are several iterations of this book. The original "Aikido Complete" was published with both blue and red covers. Then, "The New Aikido Complete" was published, with a pictorial cover. It is a much larger format, but the material is the same. Finally, "Ultimate Aikido" came out, in a wine colored cover. A reversion to the smaller format, the material is again essentially the same.

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