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Re: YouTube: Aikido in War

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Haha. I tried to keep in consideration how very choreographed it was. But I do feel, though it may not have been so displayed in the video and I may just be deluded with misconceptions about aikido, that a lot of the motions and techniques we learn are applicable in a battle such as this (assuming the opponents aren't so lousy and slow). : )

The fact that no one was stabbed from behind while pulling a technique did bother me, though. I felt it took a little from the small amount of realism it already had.

Where was aikido used in "The Last Samurai"?
Either the moment Cruise is having his "there is indeed something spiritual about this place" monologue, or when they prepare for their final stand, I'm not really sure. It could also be Jiu Jitsu, but it looked an awful lot like aikido to me (which would be a huge anachronism).

And sure the techniques we are taught are applicable in battles such as this, no doubt about that, but keep in mind that in battle everything goes very fast, and you hardly have any place and time to do big movements, let alone think about which move you're going to pull off. Between you and certain death by an enemy stands only your reflexes.
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