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Re: Ki and power and cooperation

Phi Truong wrote: View Post
been there. done that.

always wondering why folks shy away from acquiring power? as though, power is a bad thing. perhaps they don't trust themselves with it? i don't have problem with power. foods and women, on the hand, are problematic.

question, is a sphere (3-D) a stable shape?
I hear it corrupts, but then again, I hear money is the root of all evil and I have generally taken the stand that I could use a little more evil roots. Then again I hear money can't buy happiness, but as one comedian put it, it does buy a jet ski; have you ever seen anyone not smiling on a jet ski?

I would think of a sphere as a stable shape, but they do tend to roll out into the street during soccer matches and get flattened, so maybe not as stable as I might initially think?

...just wanted to add I'm really digging this thread. Thank you everyone for great food for thought!

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