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Re: Tips for Effective Aikido

Some things you have to experience before you can really grasp them. I have been training for 6 months and I understand exactly what sensei says when he talks about extending ki or awareness. But that's because it is something I have always naturally done and Aikido just has been teaching me how to focus it and use it.

I have no way of putting into words to help you understand. Maybe someone else can. But I think it is really something that you will find for yourself in time and with training. First things you really need to do is define for yourself what is ki and what is your awareness. You need to come to that understanding within yourself. For me meditation seems to help that process.

I experience ki extension as energy. Some people say to picture a fire hose and ki is the water and direct its flow. For me that don't work. I picture energy or rather I don't picture it I just feel it.

Awareness is me, my consciousness separate from my body. Once I learned to separate it from my physical self I discovered it can be bigger than me and exist outside of my physical self. I can't even begin to explain to you how that works or how I found it. These things have been active on me for most of my life I just didn't have names for what it was.

All sounds rather hokey and mystical I know but these things are a normal part of all of us that is in operation all the time. We just never usually learn how to consciously make use of and control it.
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