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Re: Am i missing something??

William M. Reed wrote:

Aikido is part of my life, it is not "my life". As a result, there have been many times when I have stopped training due to other parts of my life becoming more important (birth of a child, new job, birth of a second child). I never completely left, as I have been teaching the children's classes throughout it all. For several years, that was ALL that motivated me to go to the dojo. The result was that my "advancement" stalled at second kyu many years (more than four).

However, in my case, that children's class taught me a lot about my aikido. In fact, my sensei observed me at a seminar and just promoted me to first kyu one weekend.

Obviously, if I'd stopped coming altogether that wouldn't have happened. But some time after that, my interest was renewed for training for my own sake. And it's still interesting. I still enjoy aikido more for the time I spend with my students, but I'm learning to enjoy it again for myself.

If you lose all your interest, it's not the end of the world. But don't be "afraid" to come back if you get interested again. I know some that worry to much about having to justify to the people still at the dojo about why they stopped coming. So now, they'd rather give up on the whole thing. That, to me, is sadder than someone dropping out, or taking a break.

That was very well said, i completely agree
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