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Re: Internal Pain

don't think it has any to do with the internal stuffs. methink, you have a nerve pinch in one or more of your vertebrate. i have that sort of problem with my right side as we speak. i am working with my chiropractor to fix it and some other spinal alignment issues. it will take a bit of time. i usually lay on an ice pack placed along my upper spine between my shoulder blades to my neck for 15 min at a time. it keeps the swelling down and help the healing process. things that i do that help: invert table, foam roller, hanging like a monkey on a chin-up bar, get trigger point massages, stretch the chest area, do the exercises for neck injury.

also, depends on if you are an office worker or not. if you are working where you sit a lot, then you might want to change the setup to standing. sitting tends to crunch your spine. standing and work is better. if you do internal stuffs, then it would be the equivalent of practicing zhan zhuang at the same time which has added benefits to your internal practice. it will be painful in the first few months, but will get better. did some workshops with a Chen guy, and at the beginning of every session, he made us do zhan zhuang until our legs fell off, then silk reeling.

go talk to your chiropractor. good luck.

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