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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

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Or just maybe Aikido is not about sport....but really about self defense and that is really hard to measure.
Its about neither surely?

I think that was joe rogans simplest of terms, it doesnt work........its far too technical to be of much use if your attacked and the rose tinted specs worn in dojos give a false sense that its of any use in reality.

Seeing someone flying to the ground when one arm is raised, it doesnt take a genius to see why it gets subjected to such criticism. The attacks are completely unrealistic to be if any use unless your luxky enough to have somebody attack you pretending their arm is a sword.

It may have been derived from ju jutsu but that isnt good enough....ju jutsu isnt what is practiced in a club. Also saying they are sword movements also means little in reality, outside of practice.

My view is there may be too much complacency in training, uke doing the uke role...and being too soft..... if its regarded as bad etiquette to give too much resistance then whats the point? If people get annoyed if their technique is blocked then that says it can say to a real attacker, sorry can you come at me again but next time you punch be sure to leave your arm out so I can do some aikido and everybody goes home enlightened.

Im sure philosophy wont often save you a beating.

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